Thats Ayanna J


Fashion is extremely versatile, extremely exciting and absolutely individual. However, if you create your own style, you are definitely ahead of the game, because modern is what you like and not off the peg.


Whether plain, colorful, striped or plaid, fashion is simply fun. The different combination possibilities make every trend doubly interesting Since tastes are known to be very different, not every trend necessarily has to be lived out. On the contrary, you can also change direction, create individually, redesign or even combine at an angle. That is lifestyle that is worth seeing. In this way, new trends may even emerge that quickly find favor.

But there's more to it than that, because if you want to create the perfect appearance, you can design yourself or simply change your style. You can also spice up already existing clothes.


DIY - Do it yourself is a hot motto in this respect. Those who do it themselves set fashionable accents in this area. Of course we are talking about our own hip fashion trends. Today there are countless possibilities, even without experience, to design your own fashion. Making fashion yourself is easier than you think. A professional instruction for beginners is enough to create a cool style.

Step by step, stylish garments for every occasion are created. Practice makes perfect. It doesn't have to be a complete pantsuit. On the contrary, it is even more fun to simply upgrade or redesign old clothes. Old long-sleeved shirts, for example, can be transformed easily and without any problems. Long skirts can also become trendy beach fashion.

Old or boring pieces of clothing are no longer disposed of. Old clothes can be wonderfully recycled within your own four walls. A sewing machine is all you need to turn an old piece of fabric into a cool piece of clothing. It is almost like magic and not even heavy. With just a few simple steps, an old pair of jeans can be turned into a trendy bag.

This is ingenious and fun. The numerous transformation suggestions make this hobby additionally interesting. Trendsetters know that doing fashion yourself is more popular than ever and is also easy on the wallet. It could hardly be better, could it? New buttons or sophisticated rhinestone applications are often enough to create an aha effect. Whether pants, jackets, vests or shirts, everything can be redesigned and new fashion can't be cheaper.

If you want to try it out and design it yourself, you can first try it with simple cloths. Cloths are excellent for redesigning. As if by magic, a large cloth can be transformed into an original vest. Fashion enthusiasts can thus develop a personal style.

You can choose the length, color, material or design yourself and simply get started. Making fashion yourself provides for more individuality. Simple sewing instructions or patterns make it possible. Those who style themselves are definitely ahead of the game and can proudly present the results. After all, anyone can buy fashion, but designing your own is a small challenge. The admiration of friends, acquaintances or colleagues adds to the prestige. Envious glances are often given free of charge on top. Have fun designing!